Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello, Texas!

heart wings


in air

in air

So I made it to Texas! My mom and I flew into San Antonio last night where my sister picked us up and we drove to Austin. We're currently at a bed and breakfast somewhere outside of Austin. Today was spent at one of the antique fairs, and to be honest... I'm pooped. So I'm just going to post a couple pictures from the flight here, and then I'm off to bed! But just for fun, I decided to do a whats-in-my-carry-on-bag:

carry on
and inside my bag was: My laptop, some magazines, On The Road, a scarf, my netflix and also Sex and the City and Amelie (I like variety, ok?) and some powerbars. Not too exciting, but it kept me busy. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


  1. I hope you are having a fabulous time around my town!

  2. yeah! Texas is awesome. :) Hope you have a great trip.

  3. Thanks guys! I'm having a really fun time... but I always have fun when I'm here :)


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