Friday, October 9, 2009

The End of the Road

barn star

yes, this is pretty much the same outfit I wore on the first day we were there (minus the top) but I figured that if I was going to be sitting in the backseat of a car for 5 hours I was going to wear something comfortable!

Top: Fossil
Jeans: Kohls
Shoes: Ross

bride and groom





double doors

birthplace of texas

This was our last day in Chappell Hill... and the town was so quaint and decorated with all these scarecrows downtown. We spent 5 hours driving to my sister's house outside of Corpus Christi, and while driving we got caught in the worst storm my little California-self has ever been in. It was raining so hard that we couldn't see anything in front of us, I honestly thought we were driving right into a tornado. Thankfully we got out of it and arrived at my sister's house safely. We only got to spend a night at my sister's before we flew home, but I wish we could have stayed longer.

dolly and dallas bid us farewell

Dolly and Dallas watched us leave through the window. Poor pooches, I miss them :(

and just for fun my sister and I saw these shirts during a trip to Walmart and thought they were too good to pass up. The sad part is that I actually think she would trade me for candy.

will trade sister for candy

and speaking of my sister, you should go check out her blog for stuff about the trip I didn't post like the zapp hall show and our trip to the Bluebell factory and The Junk Gyspy Prom.


  1. That shirt is really lovely. And I ADORE the t-shirts!! My sister and I should get some...

  2. nice pics! looks like you had fun. i love the mustard and gray in your top. pretty.

  3. I like your heels and your outfit looks very lovely!

  4. those shirts are amazing!! hahaha I think I need to get those for my sisters.

  5. That top is gorgeous! Where does one buy "fossil" tops anyways?


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