Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leader of the Pack


new hair
my brother, the doctor! [for my sister :)]


Shirt: Ross
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Aldo

When my mom saw this outfit she asked me if I just got off a motorcycle haha.
All the pictures I took of this outfit came out blurry. I was super bummed because by the time I figured out what was making them blurry, the sun was gone. Oh well, you can get the idea of the outfit. I just wanted to show off my new haircut (it's more choppy and layered as opposed to the blunt bob I've had for the last year) and my new shoes that I talked about a couple posts ago:


I loooove them.

I also painted my nails:


I painted them black and then did the second coat with OPI's Kinky in Helsinki. I love how it comes out, it's like a black with a dark purple tint. I really want to try the black base with other colors like reds and blue. As much as I love summer and the hot pink and neon nailpolishes that come with it, I'm a sucker for dark nails.


  1. Hey Pinocchio! Where are you going? haha! I like the choppy layers. And I like Charlie's big ol' feather tail in the first picture.

  2. Ooooh I love the layered nail polish idea! I just removed kinky from my fingernails, in fact... might have to bust it out next time!

  3. I love the jacket, and LOVE the nail color. I'm a sucker for dark colors as well, and pretty much rock them all year round.

  4. Gorgeous jacket and shoes! Oh, and I love mum's they are so funny x

  5. I never thought to use black as a base coat- brilliant!

  6. Love this! Perfect combination of feminine and tough.

  7. you look great!! I love the jacket!

  8. I am in love with those shoes!!!! This is one of the most perfect outfits- I want to wear it right now. You look great!

  9. This outfit is HOTT! I love the edgy vibe :)


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