Thursday, October 29, 2009

Silent Hill


Tonight my brother, some friends from work and I went out to a haunted house. Well, actually there were two. The second one was so scary, you actually had to DO stuff in order to get into another room (ie, touch wires that made air shoot out from walls, sit in chairs facing away from each other and press foot pedals all at the same time which made the lights go out in the room and when they came back on a monster was in your face) I will have nightmare for weeks. This picture, though, was taken right before we went into the first maze-- we all knew something was going to happen, they weren't going to just let us pose for a nice picture... so right before the second picture was taken this extremely loud air compressor-sounding noise went off right behind us and we all screamed like little girls (and apparently there was some boob grabbing involved as well) My brother already went to this haunted house so he was expecting it, that's why he's enjoying the fact we got the crap scared out of us. If any Southern Californians want to check it out, it's in Brea off Imperial hwy. Creepfest for sure. I can't wait for Halloween! 1 more day!

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