Sunday, October 4, 2009

October has begun

the orange and black has begun


I landed in San Diego a mere 3 hours ago (two of those hours were spent driving home) but I'm really not as tired as I usually am after a day of flying, so I thought I'd post my outfit from my second day of my mini-vacay. I've been waiting all year for it to be October so I could wear black and orange outfits, and I've got various ones lined up throughout the month. But this is the first one. and boy was it exciting! This was taken at the bed & breakfast we stayed at and it was gorgeous! But more on that later. The important thing is is that I'm back in California! Did you miss me, Ca? Its okay if you didn't, Texas treated me well. Now it's back to my regular ho-hum life. wah wah.

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt: Forever 21
Thigh-high socks: Target
Boots: Ebay


  1. Welcome home! I LOVE that Anthro skirt and the thigh-high socks with boots! Great pics, too.

  2. Gorgeous outfit, I love that skirt so much!

  3. I absolutely, positively love that skirt! You look gorgeous!

  4. What a perfect fall outfit! So chic. I love how you pulled your socks up high. :)


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