Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orange and black making a comeback



I'm almost postive these tights are navy, not black... but if you don't say anything, I won't either (even though I guess I just did. dang it.)

Top: Target
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Boots: Ebay

What's funny is that this is what I was wearing a year ago day:


top: Target
skirt: made by me
belt: thrifted
shoes: marshalls


  1. What a coincedence!
    Bright orange looks great with your hair colour.. lucky!
    Where did you wear this?

  2. I love the new orange and black outift. Very nice!

  3. I love this combo, and orange looks GREAT on you.

    I was kinda curious who does your headliner banner? Do you do them yourself? They're really great and you always have a great new one!

  4. Ooh, I love this! With the black and white checks it feels less Halloweeny and more chic. Love it!

  5. aw, i love that orange on you!
    Some friends and i are going to carve pumpkins this weekend and i was thinking about trying to pull together a simple little black tunic dress with a bright orange turtle neck such as your own with some tights. think it would be fun for the occasion! lol
    have a great Thursday!

  6. So love that checkered dress!!

  7. Thank you everybody!!

    Cherish: I do the banners myself. My sister made the one of the pictures hanging on the wire, but all the other ones, I made. I have the banner on a rotate so a new one shows up everytime. I was thinking of just keeping it to one banner but I haven't decided yet.


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