Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Shoot

No, I did not get married. But I got to pretend that I did! After doing the engagment shoot with Vintique Photo, we followed it up with a mock wedding shoot. So much fun. I even got to wear my grandma's wedding dress. You should definitely check out Sarah's work-- it's phenomenal!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Please tell me it's real :)

  2. Thanks :) It's not... but it was fun to pretend!

  3. That dress is amazing and you look so beautiful in it! It's so cool that you got to wear your grandma's old dress.

    xo L.

  4. beautiful photos. you are gorgeous! talented photog. love your blog, totes following you now! found you through weardrobe :) i traced your shoes here (the ones in the post below) <3


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