Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Squares That Care

I've had this idea for awhile, months actually, but just always kind of put it on the back burner and figured I'd get around to it eventually. Well, today I felt like God really put it on my heart to finally stop thinking about it and actually start it. So here is my idea: I thought it would be fun to start a little crocheting group, but for a good cause. All you lovely people and I can make blankets. But how when we're all spread across the country, if not the world? Here is how: you make the squares, send them to me, and I'll assemble the blanket. I know there are other organizations and groups that do similar things, but for some reason I just feel compelled to start my own with all you wonderfully creative, talented people. Once I get enough squares, I'll assemble them into an afghan, after that I thought I could put it up for sale on ebay or etsy and then donate the money to a charity of our choice. I think with enough word of mouth, and because it's going to a good cause, we can raise quite a lot of money.

And maybe, if one day there is enough participation and squares coming in, we can start making other things like scarves and whatnot to sell, and even make themed blankets (like Christmas, spring, Valentine's, bright colors, etc) with more detail. If there are enough blankets being made, the detail themed ones can be put up for sale, and regular granny square ones can be donated to shelters and homes. But right now it's all tentative and up in the air and open for ideas and suggestions, I just wanted to throw it out there to see if there was any interest, and if so, I'll write up all the details and guidelines and we can get our first blanket started.

And don't think just because you're a beginner crocheter you can't participate-- you definitely can! it's a great way to practice your crocheting skills! And even if you don't crochet you can still help by spreading the word! I hope this is something you are interested in as much as I am, because I would love to make this a reality!


  1. Sounds like a great idea to me! I'm in... I will share it on my blog too!! and maybe I'll give it a shout out on facebook? ;) it'll be great.... you'll see!!! :)

  2. That is such a cool idea!!! I recently (last week, so literally) started knitting and if I can get enough skillz going I would definitely like to donate a square. I will post it on Facebook as well, because I have a few friends that knit as well. Totes cool!

  3. Wow what a cool idea, I wish I could knit but I am not very good at it haha.
    I look forward to seeing your progress!


  4. This is such a cool idea! I will definitely spread the word.

  5. i'm totally in! i'm just getting ready to finish a big granny square quilt for two good friends of mine that just got married, so i should have some spare crocheting time coming up soon! :)


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