Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things From Around the Web

I wish I could host a fresh air kid, how fun to get out of the city and play outside.

Jen from Jenloveskev is running a marathon to help raise money for Love146, a great charity to help end child slavery and exploitation. You can help support her and donate here.

"What if he was getting chased by a bear, or robbed, and he just started doing this?" --my brother, on Polish gymnast Jozef Wadecki's super-human abilities.

With Easter just around the corner, and crossing "be the Easter Bunny" off my bucket list, Sketchy Bunnies has me absolutely cracking up. (Thanks Sara for the heads-up!)

Coachella fashion is already rolling in! It reminds me of my Palm Springs trip last year, it makes me happy to live in California. I can't wait to see more festival photos!

A sad, but beautiful video about  the power of words.


  1. My family first hosted our fresh air kid the summer I was 4. Andre came back each year until he was 11 or so, and then we started having him up outside of the program. He'd spend every summer with us and eventually moved up here for a year and was my brother's first roommate when they were in their early 20s. That program is one of my most amazing things.. I think of Andre as a brother now. ^_^ If you are ever able to take part in that program, I definitely would!

  2. That is so amazing, Michal! I wish I could get my family to host one, but I don't think there's a program outside of New England. :(


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