Friday, December 17, 2010

took a break from blogging to frolick around Disneyland

I apologize for my absence and lack of outfit posts lately. To be truthful, I feel like I haven't had time to do anything. Between finals and work and Christmas shopping and parties, blogging has been put on the back burner. But now that my shopping is done and my finals are over, I promise I will be better!
Tonight my bestie and I went to Disneyland to marvel in their Christmas decor, and it didn't disappoint (do they ever?) We ended up doing more shopping than riding rides. I had points from my Disney credit card that were going to expire at the end of this month that I needed to spend and spend them did I! I don't even want to admit that the majority of it went to baked goods at the bakery on Main Street. Ugh, apple pie caramel apples, English toffee, fudge (chocolate, pumpkin, and tiger butter) how could I possibly resist?! It's so magical at Disneyland this time of year... the lights, the decorations, just everything! I'm definitely ready for Christmas!


  1. ah! Your blog makes me want to sing with happiness. love it!

  2. cute i havent been to disney for about 2 years but it looks so lovely! does it still "snow" soap on main street?


  3. Looks like a lovely time!


  4. Were you there on thursday?! I was there!

  5. What! I was there on Thursday! There were so many people there that I'm not surprised I didn't see you :(

  6. Seriously, SO MANY PEOPLE. I ended up spending a lot of time in sephora smelling every perfume and looking at every blush because of the crowds! Im going again tomorrow. I went last year on Christmas too. Its the most crowded Ive ever seen both parks, but its fun to even say "I went to Disneyland on Christmas." Thanks for my Christmas card! So cute! Loved it!


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