Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Knits

Vogue Knitting Winter 2010/11

I've been getting the knitting itch lately. Well, knitting AND crocheting, pretty much I've been yearning to create things. I've been getting so inspired by Vogue Knitting and their amazing looks and patterns. I'm a much better crocheter than I am a knitter, I'm actually a terrible knitter and I think that's all the more reason why I'm so attracted to it--because I want to do it so badly! I'm trying to slowly get down the basics, so I'm currently knitting just a garter stitch scarf. A big chunky red one... just to practice the repetition and get the hang of it. Hopefully one day I will be able to master these patterns posted. 2011 resolution, methinks?


  1. I love crochet and hate knitting, too! Even knitting with the huge jumbo needles...

    Good luck mastering the way of the needles!

  2. Some lovely looks here. Fortunately my Mum can knit so I got a cardigan for Christmas - you can't beat handknitting. I am not good at it so I tend to do (wobbly) scarves. Branched out into legwarmers today.

  3. Good luck! I wish the crocheting patterns were cuter as I'm in your boat and can't knit very well.


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