Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Did I mention that I finally got an ipod touch and feel like I am now apart of my generation? I am very much obsessed with all my photo apps I've downloaded, especially this photobooth one. Any app recommendations?!


  1. funny Melissa's baby shower Averie told Sarah "look at that old fashioned pink ipod mom!" haha....Never thought I would hear the words "old fashioned" and "ipod" in the same sentence. haha

    The Perfect Photo app is pretty awesome. Check it out.

  2. I keep wanting to get iphone, because my old one doesn't have any buttons left.. bless, it's been with me for over 4 years :P but I've got no money for such extrodinaries as a student :P haha! My friends all got Hipstamatic 'that's fake' film and it makes great photos! you shouold try it and post the results :)

  3. Get instagram! You can add your friends so their photos will show on your feed. Plus it has some great photo filters. I'm hayleytothemaxster if you want to check my feed out.


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