Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sequins: Splurge vs. Steal


I'm reverting back to my 8th grade self and having a complete obsession with anything sparkly or glittery, just short of a Lisa Frank magical unicorn. And as much as I want to prance around in a sequin skirt for holiday parties, I can't get myself to pay the hefty price that comes with it. Thank goodness Forever 21 has versions of all things glittery that don't break the bank. So I guess the only thing left to decide is, is this a splurge or steal trend?


  1. ooohhhhh that glittery tank is telling me to buy it for New Years Eve!!!

  2. Um this is fabulous! I've been totally smitten with all things sparkly but it all seems so expensive (especially where cost per wear is concerned)! Guess I know where to go now!

  3. Really great selection! I love both sparkly shirts on the bottom...I may buy one now... hrm. I featured you on my "Street Style Tuesday" post tonight! You have a really lovely style!


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