Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lusting for Fall: Plums and Deep Reds

As the weather starts to cool down, and layers of clothing starts to be added I feel myself becoming more and more attracted to dark, rich colors like purples, plums, and deep reds. I've noticed all the new makeup I've been buying, and all the colors I'm choosing have been in these colors.

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in Play on Plums and Ulta's Baked Eye Shadow in Natural Beauty I was really surprised when I saw these eye shadow duo's on Ulta's website-- they reminded me so much of MAC's duo's with the swirl of colors and flakes of gold shimmer. I also got the Ulta duos in Sweet Dreams and Lucky Charm (they were having a buy 2 get one free special), but all the colors are gorgeous. I kind of want to go back to get Plum Gorgeous and Spellbound.

Maybelline Eyestudio Cream Shadow in Nautral Liaisons
I also thought these Maybelline cream shadow trios were pretty. I think they'll make a good eye primer, or just a natural look by itself.

I have China Glaze in Flying Dragon on my toes. It's neon without being tacky or over-the-top. It has blue sparkles in it too which I didn't even notice until looking more closely at the bottle. It's delightful.

I first saw this Revlon lipstick in Grape on Allure's website, and while I love my nude and pink lipstick colors, I was instantly attracted to this deep purple almost black color. It's not as dark on the lips as it looks like in the tube, but I think it's such a nice color for winter. Especially on pale skin, when you don't feel like wearing a lot of eye makeup and just want some statement lips.

I'm also wearing Victoria's Secret nail polish in Ruby Slippers on my nails (sorry I can't find a link to this, I just found it in my mom's nail polish collection) I first picked out this color because I liked the dark brown with golden shimmer, and then I saw the color was Ruby Slippers and thought, "but it doesn't even look red." Yet once the color was on my nails it made sense, it has this gorgeous deep red undertone, among the brown and gold shimmer. After I had the color on my nails I thought it looked like more of a fall/winter color and maybe I should have waited until the weather was cooler to wear it, but lucky me, it's been quite cool and overcast all week, so it's made me like it even more.

Hopefully I won't have to wait long to put these colors into my regular everyday makeup. What colors are you guys loving for the cooler weather?


  1. ohhh....dark and stormy for fall. i'm feelin' it!

  2. your nails always look so nice! would you consider posting a tutorial on how you paint them...that probably sounds silly...I love clothes and makeup, but I've always been hopeless at painting my nails...when I make an attempt I normally end up frustrated with uneven polish, smudgy nails, which just get swiped back to neutral with remover. Ugh!


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