Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiration: Aviation

I find myself coming back to classic aviation over and over again. There's just something I find so appealing about it. It's taking the styles of the 30's and 40's (my favorite decades) and combining it with flying and adventure. It takes the masculine aspects of menswear (bomber jackets and boots) and throws in femininity (fur collars and tight pants). I love the idea of throwing a bomber jacket over a dress or boots over riding pants. Honestly, how chic and cool does the girl in the first photo look? That's what this trend epitomizes, and rightfully so.

First Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Volcom, $80
Riding Pants: Browns, $225
Boots: Bluefly, $125
Bag: Topshop, $80
Sunglasses: Alex and Chole, $130

Second Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Oasis, $115
Riding Pants: Opening Ceremony, $345
Boots: Piperlime, $99
Bag: Asos, $50
Sunglasses: Rayban, $165

Third Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Delias, $50
Cargo Pants: American Eagle, $60
Boots: Endless, $50
Bag: Topshop, $100
Sunglasses: Refinery29, $425

Fourth Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Net-a-Porter, $1,190
Pants: Burberry, $800
Boots: French Connection, $270
Bag: Vintage, $160
Sunglasses: The Row, $355

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  1. Oh I love the 30's and 40's as well. These images are gorgeous!

  2. Loved these images so much I had to try to recreate them for today's photos. Your post matched my outfit and couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks.

  3. Love these! The jackets are AMAZING!


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