Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just In Time

just in time

Just in time

I don't know what it is about my sister taking my pictures that makes me want to do ridiculous things like Ronald McDonald jumps, but I just find it so entertaining. It was even more entertaining when my sister said, "Can you do one without making a stupid face?" hahah. Apparently, no. You can't have one or the other. It's a package deal, sis.

sweet memories

This is the polish I've been wearing lately (sorry for the week-old manicure picture) It's called Sweet Memories by OPI. I love how light and subtle it is. It's definitely a 180 from my green jade polish, not to mention I've been getting way more compliments on this color than the green one. Okay, I get it... nobody likes green nail polish! haha

I'd also like to apologize for the lack of outfit posts lately. I must explain that I started school full time a couple weeks ago, on top of working. So any days off I get are spent in lounge-around-the-house clothes while I do school work and such, so I haven't really had time to get ready, let alone go out and have something to get ready for. But for the one day off I had this week I did manage to throw together an outfit, and since labor day is just around the corner, it was a no-brainer to take these white pants out for one more spin before we say "adios" to summer completely.

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Wal-Mart
Belt: Ross
Shoes: Anthropologie


  1. Hey I have white jeans too that I spent a fortune on but only wore once. I don't think I have shoes like those to go with though. lol =]

  2. Love this look, especially those pants. I have been looking for one but still no luck. I still want to buy them to use it for my upcoming trip somewhere in the Caribbean.
    I normally keep wearing white till it gets colder, sorry I am dutch:)

  3. I wear this same color nail polish all the time! It's very flattering.

  4. I just came by from weardrobe to say Hi. Would love to stay in touch and maybe even become bloggy friends. What do you say?

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  5. Post your school outfits!

  6. Ooh I love the combination of the bright red shirt with the crisp white pants!

  7. You are just ridiculously adorable! And I love the contrast with red and looks great.

  8. such stunning great outfit


  9. I actually loved the green nail polish!!! This is nice to though... :)

  10. Thank you! I loved the green nail polish too, I don't know why nobody else did. haha. Maybe it's more of a toe nail polish.

  11. These are some really nice pictures!I like your style and the way you jump. So full of life.


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