Monday, December 21, 2009

Item of 2009: Skinny Jeans!

(I'm boggled,Leader of the Pack,The six dollar sweater,When In Rome,Boy, oh Boy)

I bought these skinny jeans almost two years ago. I'd been looking around everywhere for the perfect pair of skinny jeans, and I ended up finding these at Target for about $20. I got two pairs: dark blue and black. (I later went back and bought ANOTHER black pair because I was wearing them so much-- oh and a pair of purple ones as well) They are pretty much the only pair of jeans I wear (not counting denim capris). I love how they can be cuffed to hit just at the ankle. I don't like when skinny jeans bunch at the anklesicon, actually it kind of bugs me. I like when skinny jeans are just that-- skinny. All the way, from hip to ankle. Am I alone in this, girls? I love the look of cigarette pants (Think Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face) and I love that I can get somewhat of the same effect with these with a little bit of tweaking. So all that to say this-- I love these jeans. I've worn them countless amounts of times this year, and will continue to wear them into the next year until they become ripped and ragged and disintegrate off my body, and then hopefully Target will still sell them so I will just buy more. Obsessed much? Perhaps. But if these aren't the epitome of a wardrobe "staple", I don't know what is.

Think you have a pair of jeans that can compete with these? I wanna know about it!


  1. Are those jeans still available at Target?? They're so cute :)

  2. Cute jeans! I have a pair from Delia's that I love too! And they come in short lengths so that's perfect for a little shorty like me!!

  3. Those really are some great jeans, and they look fantastic on you!

  4. those jeans are made just for you! the fit is perfect.
    lovely blog. your style is amazing. following you!


  5. I love skinny jeans that look more like ciggie pants too! My favorites are the black and grey pairs from Wet Seal, since they come in "Short" and I don't have to hem them ;]

  6. These skinny jeans are perfect on you. I especially am loving your look with the assymetrical top...when the temperatures warm up a bit (in 3-4 months...) I may have to steal this look.

  7. love your blog! my fave skinny jeans were a surprise find this year, too: the zelda skinny jeans from express, in the "short" length (even though i'm 5'7/5'8). they are perrrrfect and fit better than any designer denim! :)

  8. I found these same jeans at Target after shopping at countless other, more expensive stores. I didn't get a purple pair though, but maybe next time!


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