Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

Mini Diana Camera: Fred Flare
Taupe rope tie jungle boots:Ruche
BDG Double breasted sweater: Urban Outfitters
J. Aldridge Wedge booties:Urban Outfitters
Rouge apple pea coat by Tulle: Ruche
Golden Light Dress: Anthropologie
The Jolly Post Clutch: ModCloth
Portable Dvd Projector: Amazon
The Poirot Ring: Modcloth
Bow Earrings: Tiffany's
Return to Tiffanys heart earrings:Tiffany's
Aira Cordones: Tom's

...Not that I actually need anything for Christmas, because I don't. But making wish lists are still fun. If I could pick just one thing from the above list, it would definitely be the portable DVD projector... I can't stop thinking of how awesome it would be hosting movie nights with it... especially outside in the summer. This picture comes to mind:


But of course, it's the most expensive item on the list. Hence why it's called a wish. What are you all asking for for Christmas?


  1. ooh i love those tiffany earrings and the anthropologie dress. so pretty!

  2. I love wish lists and I definitely want that red coat on mine too! Gorgeous!



  3. lovely list! you inspired me to make one of my own very soon. i especially adore your shoe picks.



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