Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wish List: Old Navy & Gap Edition

Wool-Blend Duffle Bag

Old Navy:
Envelope-Neck Jersey Dress
Split-Neck Tunic
Faux-leather Knee-high boots
Floral Print Scarf
Pleated Floral-Print Dress

Once again while I was trying to get some Christmas presents taken care of, I spotted more things to add to my wish list. When I told my mom I found some other things I fancied, she told me to put it on my blog, haha. So here ya go, Mom, links included!

Pssst.. if you use the code ONSAVE20 at checkout until Dec 15, you get 20% off any Old Navy order. Just trying to be helpful. :)


  1. Love that yellow dress and the scarf!

  2. I love that blue and white striped tunic dress from ON! Great wish list and I hope you get everything you want!! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  3. Did you buy these things online or at an Old Navy store?

  4. I didn't buy any of them, but I found them all online at the Old Navy website.

  5. Definetly get the striped dress... I bought it and it's now easily one of my favorite pieces. I tried mixing it up so many way and came up with looks that all evoked a different statement...funky, classy, sporty, etc. Love it!

  6. Oh, it makes me want to shop for myself! Thanks for the code! Happy holidays!


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