Monday, August 16, 2010

Poll Results: Night Creams

So the results are in! This weeks poll question was "do you use a night cream?" and here's what you said:

23% said yes, they use a cream. 54% said no, they don't use a cream. and 22% said they sometimes do, sometimes don't. I'm actually pretty surprised at this, I thought for sure more people would use a night cream. If you're curious about MY answer, here it is: Yes. I use a night cream.

I have really dry skin, and after taking my makeup off at night my face feels tight and dry, so I always apply a night cream (or some type of moisturizer) before bed. I've tried a few different ones and these are the top 3 that I really liked.

The first is Oil of Olay's Complete Night Fortifying Cream ($12.74). I used this a couple years ago and remember my skin looking and feeling really great in the morning. But then I got into this phase of only buying "natural" products and didn't want any chemicals on my skin so I didn't repurchase it. But now, being super strict about not using chemicals on my skin just stresses me out and I never found any natural products that really wowed me and made me feel like I couldn't live without it. So I started buying regular products again, so I might go pick this up again.

The next one I liked was Perricone MD's Skin Clear Hydrator ($55) and while it isn't technically a night cream, I would put it on after taking off my makeup at night mostly because I already used a moisturizer for day, and I didn't have a night cream. It wasn't thick like night creams, which was nice. I got Perricone's actual night cream (High potency evening repair) and wore it on my face for a couple of nights and noticed that my skin was super sensitive when putting on my makeup the next day and by the end of the day my makeup would be flaking off my face because my skin was peeling. It reminded me of how my skin was when my dermatologist prescribed me retinol to clear up my break outs. All it did was literally burn my skin off turning it bright red and making my skin peel leaving me looking like The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Then I realized that the Evening Repair has "highest levels of retinol available in over-the-counter cosmetics" which made sense to why my skin felt like it was on fire when I applied makeup. Has anyone else tried this product and have opinions about it? Needless to say, I stopped using it. It might be just how my skin reacts to retinol, and it might not be like this for everyone, but I would rather use the the Skin Clear Hydrator over the actual night cream.

The last cream is Shiseido's Bio-Performance Super Revitalizer Cream ($72). I actually only have this as a sample I got from Sephora, but a sample is all I need to know I love it. It, like the Skin Clear Hydrator, isn't technically a night cream, but that's how I've been using it. It feels so nice on my face and I wake up with super soft skin. Unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag. I'm sure it's worth it because it works great, so if the Oil of Olay isn't as wonderful as I remember it being, I'll definitely shell out the money for this.

Have you guys ever tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Do you have any recommendations of night creams I should try? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Where did you find Oil of Olay for $12?! That is my favorite night cream (the only cream EVER that I woke up in the morning and my skin literally felt different...soft and moisturized)...but it is close to $20 everywhere I've seen it. (I'm not a cheapo... I'm on a budget. haha) I bought the Target knock off "Compare to Oil of Olay Night Cream"... and it is not the same. At all. Boo.

  2. Melissa: I went to Target the other night to pick up the Oil of Olay and saw that they had a couple of different creams ranging in price from $6 to $25. I don't know which one you use, but the one I have in this post is only $12 on you can click the link and it takes you to the product.


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