Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dream Out Loud for Kmart

Kmart gave me the opportunity to look through the new Dream Out Loud line by Selena Gomez that came out the beginning of this month. And while I was hesitant at first, thinking I may be a bit too old to be shopping a Disney star's clothing line, after I went through the lookbook I was actually pleasantly surprised. Her line has really great pieces that can be worn by girls (and women) of various ages.

These are some of my favorite separates from the line. That tunic and those leggings with the zipper detail on the side are something I would definitely go for. I could already think of a million different outfits I'd wear with those leggings. And the best part? They're $16! Everything is so affordable, I don't think anything's over $20. I know what you're thinking: but can you make outfits?

And YES! You can! That gray shirt and floral skirt is actually a dress, and that blazer and belted cardigan... perfect!

and then the accessories. I'm already in love with that dove belt ($8!) and purple tote bag ($18).

I know that I'm guilty of automatically dismissing a celebrity clothing line, especially when the celebrity is younger than me, but after actually seeing the line and watching some videos of Selena Gomez doing interviews about it, it makes me like it, and her, even more. I like the fact that a lot of the pieces are rather simple and basic instead of drenched in decals and sparkles and other things nobody over the age of thirteen could ever pull off wearing. I could definitely see that knit blazer or zipped leggings or striped shirt being worn by someone my age and never being able to tell it was from a Selena Gomez line. And the fact that it's so affordable just turns me on to it even more. I'd suggest checking out the rest of her line on Kmart's website, especially the cuffed jeans and scarves! I definitely need to make a trip to Kmart!

What do you guys think about the line? Anything in particular that sticks out to you?


  1. I've been eying that line myself. I am sort of obsessed with the knit blazer, because they are the best thing ever. And I really liked the tee with the sequin pocket.

    Cute stuff!

  2. how fun! i'm glad you posted this...i hardly ever go to kmart anymore...i love the striped jersey blazer and the tunic that has a little floral skirt on the end of if. i think i could wear that pregnant too! there's a bunch of really cute tops.
    thanks for sharing, i'll have to go check out my local kmart and see if they have the line in.

  3. I did not know about this, I have not been to Kmart for a long time, and I always would go for plants and flowers. I love the blazer, the accesories especially the belts and hats. Thank you so much for sharing I am def. going to check it out.

  4. I think the girl has a decent head on her shoulders, and I probably will go and at least see what it's all about. The belts look great.


  5. I went to check it out today and a lot of it looks really... cheap. But then there's those random stand out pieces that are awesome. So I think it's definitely worth a browse every now and again.

  6. Really, Haven? Like cheap material or cheap construction? I'll definitely have to look at it in person to feel it and try it on.

  7. I fully agree about beling leary about celebrity lines, not to mentio the outragous prices they usually expect, but some of this looks cute. The purple tote- to die for!

  8. Heyy! I'm Morgan Jordan, one of the other Teen Vogue bloggers.

    My website is

    Great post - glad to see you!


  9. Hi Morgan!

    I've been wanting to know who the other bloggers were! I'm glad you found me! I love your blog, btw!


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