Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweater Envy

I get this feeling that if I start thinking about fall while it's still warm and sunny out, that I'm cheating on summer. I feel like I need to get the most out of my summer dresses and lace-up sandals and thinking about (or even worst, yearning for) colder weather, dressing in layers, and snuggling inside an soft cozy sweater is taboo. But I can't help myself! Since all the fall styles are coming out on the websites and in the stores, you can't help but take a peek at all the goodies you'll be able to wear while curling up with a good book or taking a stroll during an Indian Summer night. I am most definitely a sweater girl. I will take a sweater with me even in the middle of a Southern California summer (partly because every place cranks up their a/c to sub-zero temperatures and partly because you always want to be prepared for what the elements might throw at you) so without further ado, here are some of my favorite sweaters from around the web:


(no you're not having deja vu... this does look eerily similar to the first Ruche sweater [or does the Ruche sweater look eerily familiar to the Anthro sweater?] Either way, the Ruche sweater is $38 cheaper, so the choice is yours which you'd rather have)


(this totally reminds me of Charlie Brown, but in a completely modern and chic way, which I love.)


Urban Outfitters:


  1. Beautiful selection! I feel the same way about the approach of fall. Suddenly all I can think about are boots and cozy scarves.

  2. I totally agree. We complain when Summer takes forever to arrive, then rush it out the door and make room for Fall. Sheesh. I love that Ruche sweater. Love, love, love.

  3. I agree, though thinking about fall is emotional cheating but not true cheating (ask Dr. Phil if there is a difference..). But I do looove the crazy yellow sweater!

  4. Yay! For once I like the cheaper version (Ruche) better! Super cute picks. :)


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