Monday, August 3, 2009

Change of plans, Roadtrip Ensues

Roadtrip Attire

Shirt: Borrowed from the Weardrobe Closet
Vest: Ruche
Shorts: Some random store in the mall when I was in highschool
Sandals: Old Navy

On Saturday my mom and I drove my sister down to San Diego to bid her farewell as she flew back to Texas. But right when we were almost to the airport, my sister discovered that her flight had been delayed, which means she would miss her connection flight in Dallas and be stuck there. So after a few calls she got herself a seat on a flight out the next day, which means we were already down in San Diego and she wasn't going anywhere. So we decided to make the best of it and take a little roadtrip back home up PCH. It was such a beautiful day and the beaches looked wonderful (too bad we never actually got out of the car to take advantage) I'm kicking myself now that I didn't take more pictures, oh well. We did take the Ortega Highway back, which is a highway over those mountains seen in the background of all my pictures. and here's the view of my wonderful (or not so wonderful) city:


I don't know if I've ever mentioned I live by a lake but, I live by a lake. It's nice to look at when you're driving around town, or looking down on it from the top of a mountain. I must admit that from the mountains in my backyard to the lake down the street, I do live by some nice scenery. Perhaps I should switch up my photo backgrounds... I'm trying!

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  1. Not this past weekend, but the weekend before my husband and I drove through your town. We take Ortega to Temecula, and although I always seem to feel a bit carsick at the end, it's worth it when you see the view of the lake. Great town that you live in :)

  2. What a great picture! Who does your photography?? ;)

  3. That plaid shirt is awesome! I love how long it is! Looks great with your cutoffs!

  4. You live in such a beautiful area! Love the outfit too.

  5. That lake is gorgeous! You should definitely feature in your photos more, if you can! You are looking very cute, as usual. :)

  6. aah! i'm from fallbrook! my parents still drag me to storm games.

  7. Hah! That's so funny, I can't even remember the last time I went to a storm game... it's like the things that are right down the street are the places you never go to.

  8. So true. plus storm games are never really that exciting.


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