Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mellow Yellow



I don't know why all the pictures I take at this certain time of day come out so light and white-washed. I'm sure there's a setting on my camera to counteract it, but I'm still pretty clueless how to use my camera properly, haha. I promise I will figure it out and fix the quality.
But as far as the outfit, this is what I wore to get my hair done today. Even though the color is a bit off, the dress is a light creamy yellow. I'm sad I remembered I had this dress at the END of summer. sigh.

Dress: Alloy
Belt: Thrifted
Sandals: Old Navy

You can see the color a little better in this picture(which was how I wore it to my niece's birthday last July):

Niece's birthday


  1. Try using the portrait setting and letting the flash work when you are taking photos after twilight. The best times of day for outside shots are early morning before 9am or so, and late afternoon before twilight starts. But I think for you once the sun goes behind the mountain it's too late to do it in natural light, so try it with the flash.

    That dress is YUMMY, by the way. I love yellow, and that's a wonderful buttery shade of it.

  2. Very Beautiful!! I love the ruffle on the front!

  3. I agree with Kristen, to get the best ligting, early morning or before twilight, the blue tones are too strong to get out without software. Though you could use picnik to punch up the color a bit.

  4. That dress is so pretty. Wearing yellow always makes me feel happy!

  5. I'm just adoring that dress! You look lovely.

  6. The yellow looks so pretty on you. Great pic!

  7. Your hair is awesome! And that dress is so pretty!

    As for the camera, no advice from this girl. I have no clue how to use the giant DSLR Hubs got me. I just put it on macro, slap a UV filter on it, and hope for the best. :0)

  8. OOO I really love this dress!


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