Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things From Around The Web

I haven't done a TFATW (is that too long for an acronym?) in awhile, so some of these are old news, but still, I'm clearing out my bookmarks. Enjoy!

A beautiful video of Irene in NYC.

These pencil flats are so perfect for back-to-school.

Did you hear Jimmy Fallon will host SNL in December? Did you also hear that he predicted it, to the month, back in 1998? Crazy, right?

Love these social media propaganda posters.

I LOL'd so hard at this Justin Beiber tumblr thread.

The women who voice Belle, Ariel, Mulan and Tiana sang "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" together. It's so cool to see.

Christin Porter is running a half-marathon to support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Having my grandma pass away from lymphoma, this is a very personal cause to me, and any small donation to Christin would be appreciated.

and lastly, today is the last day to vote in the Shoptopia contest I'm in. If you could just vote one last time, I promise I will stop bugging you guys about it! :)


  1. Voted and tweeted others to do the same! You're in the lead!! Woohoo! Good luck girly :)

  2. Wonderful!! I voted, hope you win!! Have a great day!! xx


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