Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I'm getting so excited for fall I can hardly contain, well, my excitement. If I may quote the Pointer Sisters, "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it." It's like they're speaking right to me.

I'm ready to not have my makeup melt off my face the second I leave my house, or having anything more than a dress resembling a slip make me disgustingly uncomfortable. This summer I was really into the bohemian, free-spirit vibe as far as clothing style went. I wanted to land somewhere in between Janis Joplin and Bridgette Bardot with my outfits. Of course every outfit ended up being about 3 pieces shy of resembling either one of them, but I still looked towards them for what I felt inspired by. But now I can see fall so shyly approaching in the distance, and I can't wait.

All of the sudden I just knew exactly what I wanted to wear all of fall and winter, and it made me even more eager for the colder weather to get here. I guess I would describe my fall inspiration as Parisian Tomboy? Does that make sense? Let me explain. I just purchased two pairs of shoes recently. Two completely, polar opposite pairs of shoes. One, pink Jeffrey Campbell open-toed lace-up wedges and the other, white hightop Converse. They arrived the same day, and I immediately tried both of them on. Love at first fitting. Then out of nowhere I had this thought in my head that went something like, "I want to wear these hightops every day." Then I started thinking of how wonderful it would be to dress like a guy, in a way where you just wear comfy casual clothes but still be stylish and not like you just threw on whatever was clean.

So I started thinking of all the women who have effortlessly chic, yet casual style. And the first thing I thought of was Paris. The city where stylish women flock to like the salmon of Capistrano. And I'm pretty sure the very city where the word "chic" came from. And if you put all that together, that's how I got Parisian Tomboy as an acceptable style in my head. This includes, but is not limited to: soft loose tees, dark skinny jeans, high tops, boots, loafers, blazers, leather jackets, vests, grandpa cardigans, pullover sweaters, and button-up shirts. In dark and neutral colors, with the occasional bright color (I mean, I'm not totally heartless.)

So those are my clothing plans for fall, which is actually better planned out than my school schedule, let me tell you! Shows you where my priorities lay.

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  1. "...to dress like a guy, in a way where you just wear comfy casual clothes but still be stylish and not like you just threw on whatever was clean."

    I couldn't leave this post without protesting this claim, and say that plenty of women dress this way, and it doesn't need to be associated with just guys, despite the fact that you mentioned women who have effortlessly chic and casual styles. I just couldn't ignore it. It's my area of study screaming out at me that I can't ignore. Hahaha. What kind of Gender Studies major would I be if I didn't comment on that part? :)

  2. Parisian tomboy..... I LIKE IT!

  3. I definitely get what you mean! I have been leaning more towards this style lately. Please post as much as you can, I'd love to see what inspires you!

  4. I guess I should have used the term "androgynous"

  5. Or you could have just said "to be a girl that CHOOSES to dress in fashion intended to be worn by guys"...instead of the "androgynous" euphemism, in attempt to appease those who seek to make an argument out of a well-meaning statement. ;) I happen to think there is nothing wrong with a females choosing to dress in fashion that is traditionally and intentionally designed for males. We have that right. And we make ties and bow ties, boyfriend jeans and grandpa cardigans look darn cute! Let's celebrate that instead of pretending that all fashion is women's fashion. That's not fair to the boys. :P


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