Friday, May 14, 2010

Style Caster Saves The Day

white jean outfits

My last post I introduced you to my new white pants, and the fact that I can think of a million different things I'd love to wear with them, yet they're quite tricky to pull off. This is where StyleCaster's fashion tips and outfit ideas becomes my saving grace. They have outfits styled up for pretty much every imaginable article of clothing, it's quite amazing. I have so many saved on my computer for future outfits. This might definitely help my white pants dilemma.


  1. I really like the look with the red belted jacket and the look with the striped shirt and brown jacket.

  2. Oh man I almost put on my white pants today! Love them! and you styled them so well in the post below

  3. I love StyleCaster, too. I have their app on my iPod, though I do prefer the site so I can see the outfits better.

  4. I've never head of this and can't wait to help be more creative this summer! Thanks!


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