Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hubble Got You!

Items in this set:
Rojas The Cosmic Rouge Dress, Dresses for Women, $67
Cosmic Spot Dress by Your Eyes Lie**, $76
Your Eyes Lie Cosmic Spot Tee, $93
Cosmic Woven Tee Dress, $140
Rojas The Cosmic Legging , Leggings for Women, $68
When it comes to vibrant images of celestial bodies that make up the various celestial bodies of our universe, nobody's got your back like the Hubble space telescope.

To be honest, space kind of scares me. Correction, it totally freaks me out. But I absolutely have a soft spot in my heart for vintage cartoon moons, old moon pictures, and planetariums (I'm on the search for a good home planetarium if anyone has any suggestions!) And now I'm adding cosmic clothing to that list. You really can't deny the amazing fantasy-like shapes and colors celestial bodies come in, it's weird that something so big and dark and infinite can make things so beautiful.

And if my title and first part of this blog has left you completely clueless, here ya go:

1 comment :

  1. Space is scary! It's bigger than we can even comprehend.

    Pretty clothes inspired by the stars (and other things :P)


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