Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wool Shorts and White Mochas.

army shorts

army shorts

me and tobs
When I first saw these dark green wool shorts at Anthropologie, I fell in love. They were like 1940's Army pants reincarnated for me to wear as beautiful shorts. And I'm just going to warn you now that you will probably be seeing a lot more retro looks (vintage clothes, curled hair) throughout the month of December. Why? Because this is the time of year when I completely gorge myself with Ella Fitzgerald and Dean Martin Christmas songs and watch movies like Holiday Inn, White Christmas and It's A Wonderful Life (Oh, George Bailey!). Somehow it distorts reality for me and I think I'm actually in the 1940's.

Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: Anthropologie
Tights: Target
Shoes: Ebay

I tried doing a little Christmas shopping today, but unfortunately just bought stuff for myself. Old habits die hard. I did make a wonderful discovery today:

white chocolate mocha

My comrade at Starbucks has been teaching me how to make their drinks so I could make them at home. I learned how to make a carmel macchiato and was so excited. I told her all I needed to do was learn how to make a White Chocolate Mocha and I'd never have to go to Starbucks again. Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn't sell the White Chocolate they put in the drink, so I've been on the hunt for it and whattaknow! I found some White Chocolate coffee syrup!! It's not what they use at Starbucks, but I think with a little tweeking I can make something worthwhile out of it.I also picked up a new stovetop espresso maker.

mama espresso, baby espresso
Look at my new one compared to my old one, it's like Mama espresso maker and Baby espresso maker. If you look closely you can see where the handle on my old espresso maker got a little too hot and melted hahah. It was time for an upgrade.

Here's the end result of my White Chocolate mocha.. do you see all that foamy goodness on top? Mmmm. It doesn't taste exactly like Starbucks, but similar. I think I'm going to try out different coffees to see what makes my taste buds happy.


  1. LoveloveLOVE those wool shorts, and your mocha looks delish!

  2. I LOVE 1)your outfit 2)your polka dot pillows 3)George Bailey 4)white chocolate (mint) mochas. Like, maybe we're distantly related? Hehe. :)

  3. love the shorts and great photos!!

  4. Love the shorts!
    You really need to share the Caramel Macchiato recipe!!! It's the only thing I ever drink at Starbucks...Pretty please :-)

  5. I'm loving the look of shorts with tights lately.

  6. julieta: all the macchiato recipe is is: a couple pumps of vanilla flavored syrup, milk (steamed or iced), 2 shots of espresso and liberal amounts of caramel. :) It's really super easy.

  7. I think this is my favorite outfit I've seen on your blog! Maybe because I love retro, but also because it looks great on you. The hair and everything just really works together perfectly!


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