Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Suzie Homemaker

The majority of my day today was spent baking and cooking. Cooler weather always gets me in the mood to start looking through recipes and warming up the oven. Here's what was on the menu:

raisin banana muffins

For breakfast was Raisin Banana Muffins via The Gorgeously GreenBook. These are described as the healthies muffins imaginable, and I wanted to see what the healthies muffins imaginable tasted like. They were good and healthy. haha.

perfectly roasted chicken


For dinner was perfectly roasted chicken and rosemary roasted potatoes via Barefoot Contessa. I've made these both once before and they seemed to be a hit with the family so I thought I'd make them again.

baked apples
And for dessert I made baked apples. My mom and I were talking the other day about how good cinnamon apples are and she told me about how she used to make baked apples. Then I realized I've never even had a baked apple! So I looked online to find a recipe and this one looked the best. We paired it with some vanilla ice cream and it was dee--licious!

baking ensemble

Since I've been slaving over a hot stove all day, I don't have an outfit post... but I thought I'd post my baking outfit instead. Minus the apron, I was feeling very Audrey Hepburn ala Funny Face today. I didn't mean to cut off my face, but since I wasn't wearing any makeup it's probably best that I did. Hah.

I definitely need to start cooking and baking again, I forget how much it beats fast food. but don't worry-- I already have a stack of recipes lined up to try out, so expect some more culinary-inspired posts in the future! Bon Appetit!


  1. baked apples! so yummy and perfect for fall! those are one of my favorite things to cook on a cold day...


  2. Everything looks delicious! Makes me sad I live in a dorm room :/

  3. This post just made me so hungry. Everything looks so YUMMY!! :)


  4. okay that chicken looks like HEAVEN. i am always so impressed with people who not only can cook, but enjoy it! one day I'll learn... maybe.

    and the kitchen photo is awesome :) love the apron!


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