Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Attention all New York readers! I may not live in the Big Apple, but after hearing about this Score! event, I had to share it with you that do.

Here's what it is:

Attendees bring their records, clothes, accessories, housewares, art supplies, books & DVDs to the donation table by the entrance. Volunteers sort and distribute these items to various Score! departments - Music, Apparel & Accessories, Art Supplies, Housewares, Books & Media, Random Gems / Miscellany – each hosted by different individuals and organizations. Attendees have the opportunity to browse each department and take whatever they like. Everything is free. Yeah, you saw right... Everything. Is. Free.
Street fashion bloggers will be on-hand to photograph stylish outfits... and did I mention that the clothing section will be curated by the senior editor of Nylon magazine? The most awesome rummage sale ever? y/y?

After the event, all left-over items are collected and donated to worthy non-profits throughout the city. and the best part? Score! is part fundraiser, donating all proceeds from the door ($3) to City Harvest.

If any of you go, tell me all about it! It sounds like a blast, I'd love to hear how it was... oh, and tell them to bring one of these out to California! Stat!


  1. That sounds like a super event- I wish I lived in NYC!

  2. Doesn't it? I'm very envious of anyone living in NYC right now.


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