Monday, November 16, 2009

Win a Scarf Designed by You!

Wouldn't it be awesome to design your perfect scarf and then actually have it made for you to wear whenever your little heart desired? Well, Nepali is giving away that opportunity!

Here's the rules of the contest:

1. Designs need to be submitted by December 10th

2. All designs must be original ideas. Please include the source of inspiration. (movie, place, own imagination, etc)

3. You are encouraged to submit your designs in color. Color must be specified on the designs. Please refer to the color chart

4. There is no restriction to how many entries a submitter may submit.

5. Any submitted design becomes the property of TDM Design Inc. We have to do that to protect ourselves legally.

6. Designs are to be emailed to or mailed to NEPALI by TDM Design, 12311 Stoney Creek Road, Potomac, MD 20854. Acceptable electronic formats are jpg, bmp, psd or pdf.

7. Designs need to include:

a. Fiber content

i. Cashmere

ii. Silk chiffon

iii. Bamboo

iv. Cashmere/silk blend

v. Cashmere/bamboo blend

b. scarf size

c. scarf design – for example:

i. dyeing design

ii. print design

iii. fabrication design

iv. weave

8. By submitting, submitter agrees to all of the contest rules.

9. NEPALI by TDM Design reserves the right to make minor revisions to the scarf design.

10. NEPALI by TDM Design reserves the right to reject any submission.

11. Submitters must be 18 years or older. If submitter is younger, they can still submit a scarf design but it must be submitted on behalf of minor by a parent or guardian.

12. Submitters name and email address must be marked clearly on the design or in the email submitted.

13. NEPALI by TDM Design will create the winning scarf for the winner.

This sounds like a pretty awesome contest, and right in time for winter! Remember that this is a NEPALI contest, NOT a Le Quaintrelle contest so don't send submissions to me, I am but merely a messenger. :)
Good Luck!

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