Thursday, June 24, 2010

Styled: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Dress

jean paul dress

I got a email asking how I would style this Jean Paul Gaultier for Target dress for a birthday party. To me, this dress gives off two different vibes; One is a Grecian vibe, and the other is a rocker chick vibe, which is great because there's always two different ways to celebrate a birthday, right? A casual outing, or a big extravaganza.
If I was just going to to lunch and a day of shopping for my birthday I would go for the more simplistic Grecian look: lace up sandals, big floppy hat and gold bangles. Casual chic fit for a Greek goddess.
If I was going to throw a rockin' party, or even go out for an extravagant evening I would play up the rocker-feel of the dress with a studded belt, sky-high red pumps and some firey red nail polish.

How would you style it?


  1. Oooh, pretty dress. I'd style it with green or electric blue accessories instead of red... :)


  2. oh yes! Electric blue would look really good!

  3. ahh i love all the red and black accessories! :)

  4. GAH! loveeee those red heels. Nice accessory compilation!


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