Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintage Books


Last week during a trip to the Goodwill I found these two vintage books. Mostly I got them just because I loved how they looked (yes, I judged it by it's cover) but then I realized that these books were little gems.

guerilla wife


pearl harbor came on a monday

This book is called "Guerrilla Wife" published in the 1940's. It's a story about World War II, and it has this great picture on the inside of both covers, but the inside of the front cover has a sticker of vintage fighter planes that reads The Don McCarthys.

library check outs

library check outs


mirror mirror on the wall

You can be beautiful

love love love

rules to live by

love yourself

The second book, the one with the pretty green cover, is called "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" and it's a how-to-be-beautiful instructional book from 1961. I love that this used to be a library book, with all the stamps on the inside cover. I've only flipped through it, but I must go back and read it more thoroughly-- There might be some 1960's gems of wisdom to discover.

I'm such a sucker for old, used books. I feel like they have a story about them well beyond what's printed on their pages. It gives them a sort of personality and mystery of where they've been or who they've belonged to. I especially love books that have been written in, little notes in the margins or an inscription if it was given as a gift. I guess that's why I end up finding myself in the book section of the goodwill longer than I spend in the clothing section. And why I have a stack of books up to my eyeballs that I need to read, yet still buy more. Oh the woes of being a nerd.
Have you ever found an interesting book on one of your thrifting adventures?


  1. There actually used to be a lot of creativity in book making... these are gorgeous. I just came across some old classics in my parents' basement. So fun to look at!


  2. I love those books, seriously...cute old books make me swoon.

  3. I love old books- especially the smell of them. Is that weird? lol

  4. Renee - not weird at all! I think both new and old books smell divine, in their own ways.

    Milwaukee has a beautiful 3-stories used book store that I have visited off and on since high school.

  5. I absolutely love vintage books. I always try to find some when I am out thrift shopping. These are so beautiful. I love them.


  6. It's possible that I enjoy your book posts more than your style posts!! These are gems and I'm jealous. I've got a sociology textbook on dress as adornment in culture and I love it.


  7. Great finds! Thanks for posting the little snippets. They look so intriguing.

  8. Good finds. Book covers definitely aren't what they used to be. It's rare to find fun, unexpected details underneath a dust jacket nowadays.

  9. Ooh Goodwill has books? I never knew, I'll be popping into my local one shortly!

  10. oh lovely, those books are definite gems! I love the snippets from Mirror, Mirror, you should share more of those words of 60's wisdom ;]

  11. Aren't vintage books just wonderful? The illustrations you've shown are gorgeous.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Shabby Apple Dress giveaway

  12. Oh, man. I need "Mirror Mirror on the Wall." I collect vintage beauty books like that. Ebay, here I come! ;)


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