Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something borrowed, Something given.





I thought this week would be perfect to borrow once again from the amazing Weardrobe Closet! This top is actually a skirt, but since today involved going to the movies to see Up! (so good!) I thought wearing it as a top with some capris would be more comfortable. I can't wait to wear it as a skirt too! The Ray Bans I'm wearing were sent to me by the lovely people at LuckyStyleSpotter, and they blow my cheap imitation wayfareres out of the water. So Thanks Weardrobe and Luckystylespotter for helping me be extra stylish today!

Shirt (actually a skirt): Weardrobe Closet
Capris: Bitten via Ebay
Wedges: Target

Also, Orchid Grey has passed the "Kreativ Award" to me (thank you!) and now I have to tell you 7 little known things about myself. I will try not to put you all to sleep, here we go!

1. My day job is a cashier at a grocery store and has been for the past 6 years.
2. When I was 16 I had a brief two month job at a tanning booth/hair salon
3. Ironically, I was diagnosed with melanoma last year, but have been cancer-free for a year!
4. I am most definitely an introvert and would rather stay home and watch movies or read than go out to a club or party.
5. I got my cosmetology license when I was 19, but had such an awful experience at the school I went to I never pursued it as a career. I still use my license to get discounts at beauty stores, so it wasn't a total loss, not like some online bachelor degree that ends up being useless because no one cares.
6. I have never been out of the country, but would love to travel extensively one day.
7. My dream job would be working in the costume department at a movie studio-- combining my two loves: movies and fashion. Hello, Edith Head!

So now you've read my fun facts, here's who I nominate:

La Famille Roncada
Clothed Much
ZoeLuLu Threads


  1. I love wearing skirts as's an awesome way to remix an interesting piece! And those shoes are great...SO bright!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love the way you make that skirt work, very fab.

  3. I worked at a salon too! great 7 and I love your look!

  4. Oh! I've been looking at the skirt for a while. Good to know it's so versatile!

  5. Thanks for the Creative Award my dear!! You look awesome so keep up the great work!


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