Monday, July 27, 2009

And The Winner is...

The winner for my Girl Power Giveaway is Nicole from Power Tools and Thread. Nicole, I couldn't find your email on your blog so email me with your address!

To everyone else who entered: Thank you! The women you picked are so inspirational and were wonderful to read about. I love that so many of you (including myself) have such wonderful mothers and grandmothers to look up to. I'm happy to know that so many women make such a difference in the world, and for that, and for the 34 entries I received, a donation of $50 has been made to the The Girl Effect. I hope that we, as women, can continue to inspire and encourage other women and girls to be strong, caring, and independent no matter where they live or what their situation is.

And speaking of winning giveaways, remember how I won a pair of Libertas sandals from Ecostiletto? Well I made it onto their
Ecoswagonista page! You can click on the picture to be taken to the page.

Thanks, Ecostiletto!

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