Friday, June 5, 2009

One Bodysuit, Three Ways

Bodysuit Look 1
(UO bodysuit, Target jeans, F21 sandals)

Bodysuit look 2
(UO bodysuit, Marc Jacobs Skirt, Target wedges)

Bodysuit Look 3

(UO bodysuit, Forever 21 shorts and belt, Ross Sweater, Alloy Heels)

Here is the last installment of the wear-one-Urban-Outfitters-piece-three-ways from Weardrobe. This last piece, the bodysuit, I must admit was out of my comfort zone. It was quite intimidating since I haven't worn a bodysuit since I was six... but after awhile it started growing on me and I ended up loving it. But unfortunately I had to bid it a farewell and send it back. A big thanks to Weardrobe for letting me style up these pieces!


  1. By "love it" do you mean you will be purchasing one soon? ;) The outfits are cute. I think, however, bodysuits will ALWAYS be out of my comfort zone. ;)

  2. You look awesome and I love the different ways you have styled it. Maybe I can pull one off?? Not sure yet..

  3. i could never in my life imagine pulling off a bodysuit...i will do everyone a favor and let you just keep styling them! ;) hahaha!

  4. Melissa: By "love it" I meant I love how comfortable and versatile it is, but I don't know if I would purchase it because I'm not sure if it's really my style.

    Lulu: Thank you! and I definitely think you could pull one off, no problem!

    Jessica: hahah, you know you wore them growing up and probably with some white denim shorts.


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