Friday, June 21, 2013

Things From Around The Web

British guy does baseball commentary. I was dying.

Lauren Bacall talking about Humphrey Bogart (which just reaffirms my love for Rick Blaine.)

How to make your own galaxy print shirt.

A mobile office.

Thug Kitchen cracks me up (may be offensive if you don't like foul language).

Surprising literary one-hit wonders.

I love the idea of this love letter kit. (Perhaps putting it back in the tube and throwing it out to sea the next time I'm at the beach.)

this book looks like it would be crammed full of wisdom.

Anti-pervert leggings. What.

Absolutely gorgeous Ombre wall paint

'Funniest friend ever' award goes to...

Would you read a Downton Abbey-inspired book?

                                                       Hope you all have a great weekend!

image via we heart it

1 comment :

  1. haha my mom totally gave me a Downton Abbey-based book that I haven't mustered any interest for,
    and that sunset photo is absolutely beautiful!!


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