Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Don't Waist Your Clothes

Sometimes clothes make me claustrophobic. I think it has to do with years of buying clothes from thrift stores and TJ Maxx and places that don't have something in every size, so when you find something you really like, you compromise the fact that it may not fit you perfectly and you just deal with it. But over the years the combination of my growing neurosis and my ever-growing body it has made it hard to not feel anxious if clothes are too tight on me. I don't like when I can't move freely or if something is too tight around my waist. I also hate constantly adjusting things, pulling down a shirt, pulling up a pair of jeans.

Actually, for the longest time I thought jeans were the most uncomfortable article of clothing to wear. That is because, like Blanche so eloquently  put it on an episode of The Golden Girls: "I can go out to dinner, and in the middle of the meal my pants are cutting off my circulation so bad my feet are turning blue." Jeans are only good for a certain amount of hours until the urge to unbutton them is too strong to resist. But I must admit that with a good-fitting pair of jeans, they can be comfortable all day. I realized this after donating all my old pairs of jeans I didn't fit into anymore I finally finding some that actually fit.

With that being said, it has been my mission lately to find clothing that are not only cute but actually comfortable. Clothes that are loose-fitting without looking sloppy. I just want to look like those Parisian woman that look like they just threw on whatever they could find and still look amazingly stylish (and comfortable!) I think my whole goal in life is to look that effortless (and to not feel like I'm constantly in a sausage casing). Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

Here are a few things my waist is swooning over:

images via All for Fashion Design, Agorique, Styletracker, Victoria Day TodayVanessa Jackman

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  1. I've been working on the same thing. I have a problem with heels. I LOVE the way I look in heels, but, especially as I age, hate the way my feel I'm trying to find cute flats and shorter heels.

    The 4 inch heel days are a thing of the past!



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