Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things From Around The Web

Finally a website where you can publicly shame your dog (but still not be able to get mad at them because look at that face!)

50 ways to tie a scarf  just in time for fall.

Some great pictures of Endeavour's final flyover over LA. (I admit, I cried watching the live news coverage of it SO SUE ME.)

More historical footage that made me cry this week. 

The Key to Parenting: Not Wanting Kids

My sister emailed me this at one in the morning where I proceeded to laugh hysterically by myself in bed.

Places my heart would be content.

A compilation of people walking into things.

I have an on-going joke on my instagram where I take candid pictures of my brother doing ridiculous things. I call it Look at this A-hole. It now has a Twitter.

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