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Hat Trends for Fall

                     CHECK THE BEST HAT TRENDS FOR FALL- 2012

 A great addition to your attire for the evening, hats can be both trendy and protective. For centuries women have used cloth to cover their heads out of tradition, culture or maybe just to protect themselves from the heat or cold and this has developed over the centuries into hats. Today hats have become an important fashion accessory that most women can’t go without. With the release of the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 hat collections, more women just couldn’t go without a hat to fit their evening look. The following is a list of the different kinds of hats that are in style this season, with a few tips on how to wear them with your dress:

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Fedora hats were initially designed for men in the 19th century, but later it evolved into a hat type for both sexes. This is a hat that goes with anything and everything, looking great for anyone. It would give you a feminine look if worn with a printed dress or a rough look when paired with trousers and a shirt. Fedora hats would bring style and class to your outfit.

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  •  FUR HATS 
 Fur hats are a perfect choice for the winter as they not only protect you from the cold but are also beautiful and luxurious. A popular type of hat among women of all ages, the fur hats come in a variety of colours that are designed to attract attention. Fur hats are most flexible when it comes to wearing them. You can pair it with nearly any style of outfit and footwear.

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A hat that is all feminine. Cloche hats bring you a great attractive and sexy look. This season brings back the cloche hats from the 1920s that made women look most graceful and beautiful. A cloche hat would look its best with woman dresses like skirts, trench coats and chic coats and is a great choice to add to your outfit for weddings and parties.

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 Top hats that were worn only as an accessory with drama costumes, has made its way to the hat line this fall. Although it cannot be called a versatile hat and cannot easily be paired with anything, it would definitely look good for an opera or a themed party. Remember to never pair a top hat with a tuxedo.

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 Bring a little western touch to your attire by paring your outfit with a cowboy hat. This season is all about paring your cowboy boots and cowboy shirt with a pair of cowboy hat to finish your look. Remember to wear them with bright cropped jackets and leather gloves or any outfit with zippers. Also make sure to use edgy accessories.

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Gaucho hats can nicely compliment any women’s feminine look, they are stylish and exquisite. Although a gaucho hat cannot be paired with all kinds of dresses and cannot be worn to all occasions, this season’s hat line brings gauchos as an experiment to the fashion world. Gauchos look best when paired with strapless cocktails and trouser suites. As you have seen this fall brings you a line of great hats. Rather than just plainly following the above advices, always bring in an element of your style and creativity when it comes to wearing a hat. Only you know what suites you the best.

 Author’s Bio – Suzy Walsh is fashion expert and stylist with ‘The House Of Elegance Fashion’ and has contributed to some of the prime fashion blogs of the globe. She has an innate sense of fashion and is known to offer the best style picks for her readers.


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