Wednesday, January 19, 2011




Tonight my family and I went to the Gaslamp District down in San Diego to have dinner and say farewell to my brother-in-law who will be on a boat for the next month (he's in the Navy).

I didn't get a great shot of my outfit while I was down there, but I had a picture of the exact outfit from when I wore it before. That's why my hair's different in the first picture. That's not cheating right? I tried taking a picture after dinner, but I just feel so awkward and embarrassed having someone take multiple pictures of just me in a public setting. I feel like people are passing by thinking, "what is this girl doing? does she think she's a model or something?" Does anyone ever have a hard time taking your outfit pictures in public and/or in front of people? I wish I could get over it because I'd much rather have photos of when I'm out as opposed to the ones in my backyard before I go out. Well, this is my outfit nonetheless.

Dress: Target
Jacket: H&M
Boots: Charles Albert from Marshalls


  1. Yeah I can totally relate. We usually try and go somewhere with minimal people, but there is always someone.

    At this point I try to just go with it. People do crazy stuff all the time!

    Anyway, I love the colors in that dress paired with the black leather.

  2. I always feel like I need to hide what I'm doing when I'm out i public. It just feels too awkward. I love that dress (and have that dress) it looks great with the moto style jacket.

  3. Love this outfit! But also love your hair with the curls/waves. Could you give a tutorial on how you do it like that?

  4. I LOVE the curly hair! Is this a current dress from Target? I like it! As for the photos... we have never done like public-public but ventured out to like parking garages and trails and well, people will look or say hi (especially if people are working out and your in heels... awkward!) and it IS embarrassing but oh well... We try to go to places once they are closed, or before they open so there is less traffic!

    The Weekend file

  5. LOVE this look! especially the jacket. sure wish we had an H&M here!

  6. My friend Mike tried to shoot me the other day up at Twin Peaks and there were so many people walking by, I just couldn't do it. So I feel ya! Hahaha

  7. I love, love, LOVE this look. Your jacket is amazing and looks great with your dress.

    Go for it with the outdoor photos. I used to be so embarrassed about it but as you push yourself outside your comfort zone, it gets easier. I recently did a whole shoot in the middle of the homewares department of a shop. You become immune to people's reactions after a while (and I've met some lovely people too).

  8. I love the edgy+sweet dress look!

  9. I have the same insecurities about taking pictures in public, especially since I use a tripod, which I think makes me look about 25682552 times more crazy! I'm still trying to find ways to overcome this, until then I too will remain in my backyard!

    Anywho, love this look and glad to see you can wear the same outfit twice and actually post about it. I think if an outfit works, it should be worn and shown off multiples times!

  10. That is such a cute dress, did you find it at Target recently? And your hair has inspired my next haircut. It's been needing a new style, and I love the length and the wave to it!


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