Friday, March 19, 2010

Prints with all the colors of the wind







Today was such a beautiful, sunny day. Except it was really windy, hence why I'm holding my bangs back in each picture. I love the wind, until it starts swirling my hair all around. Even so, I had to take advantage of such wonderful weather. The only thing I like about this time change is that it stays light out so much longer, therefore I have more time to take pictures. Hopefully this means more outdoor pictures and less hallway photos!

Also, did you see that I'm wearing THREE different prints in my outfit? Daredevil, I know. I'm wearing gingham shoes, a striped shirt and a floral sweater. Maybe next time I'll add some argyle socks.

Shirt: American Apparel
Skirt: Target
Sweater: Ross
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Ross


  1. beautiful cardigan.. very romantic.. you know, here in Italy many people are so rigid in their mind about mixing and matching of prints.. but I think that sometimes, something different and fresh as the combo you show us today, is a pleasant news! something funny against the boring normality.. so sorry for my english and for the mistakes! I write to you, both for my personal pleasure, both to improve my writing ... kiss

  2. I love your little cardigan, it's really pretty :)

  3. I love that outfit. Super cute!

  4. They are clearing land to put a Ross in across the street from where I work- I hear Ross is amazing, so I'm really excited! Love your print, btw.

  5. i love the pop or color, its just in time for spring!

  6. those gingham shoes are adorable!!!

    and i hate windy weather because of my bangs too. i love how they look indoors and then i know the minute i walk outside they are going to look ridiculous

  7. you know, i always find myself wishing i had a printed cardigan when i get dressed in the morning. this outfit just solidifies my need for one! You look so perfect for spring!I think all the prints work so well together.

  8. GREAT cardiiii! xo, Kim

  9. I *love* this combo. I think it works because you had black and white as the "background" which made the pop of color and mix of prints work well, kind of like a painting. This type of outfit is something I'd never think of to try and because you did and made it work so well, I might just give something like it a try. Thank you! Love your blog :)

  10. i love the mixing of the prints! you do it so well. :)


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