Monday, March 1, 2010

New Month, New Things.

March 1st. The first day of a new month. Here are some new things that are making me happy.

My Inspiration Board

inspiration board
I decided to start putting together a little board of things I find inspiring or happy or I just want to look at. It's still in it's beginning stages, and it will be ever-changing from month to month, so I'm thinking of taking a picture of it on the 1st of every month to see what's inspiring me for the next 30 days.

New Magazine Cutouts

These are the newest cutouts to go into my inspiration folder (which is different than my inspiration board. Are you still following?)

My New Nails


The pink sparkles are just paint, not powder. I like nail polish too much to be stuck with one color powder. I'm liking the idea of just painting the tips. I'm thinking maybe hot pink or dark purple next week?

The New Anthro catalog

the wild corners of the world





Because I dare you not to be happy looking through an Anthropologie catalog.

My New Shoes

sparkly shoes

I can't wait to get these puppies on my feet and out the door!

Anything new making you happy and inspired for March?


  1. your new shoes are really crazy!!!!!!! but they are so crazy that I like them a lot!!! I imagine you with a miniskirt, a perfecto leather jacket and those pretty shoes.. or, obviously, also with skinny jeans or man-looking trowsers!! Very good! I'm trying to resist from buying something new, but all the world wide web is tempting me!

  2. Ah, ValeF! You're making me think of all the different outfits I need to wear those shoes with! Miniskirt and skinny jeans are a must. And you're so right about the web tempting you. I get bored and start looking around clothing sites, bad news ensues.

  3. I love those shoes! I'm like a magpie, though, I'd be staring at my sparkly feet all day ^-^

  4. I am such a sucker for glitter and those shoes really rock some glitter!! I can't wait to see what you do with them. I recently got a similar pair - sans glitter - and I too can't wait to style those puppies up!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  5. haha i just did my nails with dark tips last night - i have a really unsteady hand so it took FOREVER, but they look pretty cool... i posted a pic on my blog...

    lauren @

  6. I am really loving those shoes- I love the feminine touch of glitter on an otherwise masculine shoe. Nice.

  7. My sister has some of the very same pictures on her inspiration board! That made me laugh. :)

    March makes me happy for SPRING!

    ps. go with dark purple next time.

  8. Ollie: They're from Forever 21!


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