Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Erin Go Bragh!

St Pattys

1. Little Sparkler Dress: LuLus
2. Sterling Clover Necklace: The Hunger Site
3. Cork and Mindy Wedge: Modcloth
4. Teal Sunrise Clutch: FredFlare
5. The Irish Pub Cookbook: Chronicle Books
6. Mary-Jane Slippers: Old Navy
7. OPI Nailpolish in Green-wich Village: Amazon
8.Leaf Bag in Avocado: Ruche

A wee St. Patrick's Day inspired list of things other than green beer an' corned beef to get ye in the mood for a day of cabbage eatin' an' Riverdancin'.


  1. That dress is lovely. Modcloth has a very similar one in red right now too.

  2. I am drooling over that dress from Lulus...it is WAY too cute!!

    P.S. I ordered some stuff from Intermix Vintage after your post the other day and I just love it. THanks for passing them along!! :)



  3. I neeeeeeed that nail polish for St. Pattys Day, but I'll never get it in time for tomorrow. Such a great color, though!

  4. You've reminded me that I DO in fact, have green nail polish, and I DO need to paint my nails tonight. Thanks!

  5. Amy: That's awesome! What pieces did you get?

  6. Being part Irish (My grandparents came from Ireland to America when they were teenagers) I have always had an infinity for anything green. Love your selections.

  7. I have been looking for a green nail polish that was actually green and not one that made me look like I had some sort of fungus. I'll have to try this one...



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