Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Weardrobe Vest

A couple months ago, the wonderful people over at Weardrobe sent me a vest to borrow for a bit to play around with, and style with different outfits. I've never thought about purchasing a vest like this before, but as soon as I got it my mind started racing with different outfit ideas:

Weardrobe Vest
I first paired it up with my pale Urban Outfitters trapeze dress, UO braided belt and Old Navy lace up sandals for a casual spring outing. The vest definitely makes the outfit. The length was perfect with the short dress and gave the outfit more movement.

Weardrobe Vest
For the second look I wore it with a brown thrifted dress (which actually is a skirt worn as a strapless dress), Steve Madden wedges and thrifted braided belt.

Weardrobe Vest take 3
Before I sent the vest back, I wanted to try one more look. This time, being the California girl that I am, went for the more laid-back beachy look that I sometimes try to suppress after reading too many New York and Paris-based blogs. So I threw on a wifebeater, Bubblegum denim shorts, Old Navy lace up sandals (again!), and my new fedora hat I mention a couple entries ago.

So after sending the vest back, I was thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to borrow something just for a litle bit so you can wear it but not have to buy it, and what do you know! Weardrobe announced the launch of their Weardrobe Closet, where a few selected members a week can borrow articles of clothing from their closet (made up of everything from vintage to designers and everything in between), they send it to you (postage paid!) you style it and then return it. How cool is that? My first couple of borrowed pieces are already on their way!


  1. Wow, sounds like a treat! :) Love how you styled the vest, looks great!


  2. i loved the third look. very california indeed. haha.


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