Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Wish List

Since my birthday is just on the other side of the weekend, I thought I'd put together a little birthday wish list. Not that I need anything, because I really don't, but birthdays only come once a year, and they're a good excuse to post some things that strike your fancy. So here's a couple things that I wouldn't turn away if the Birthday Bunny brought me.
Birthday Wish List

The New Math Dress: Anthropologie
Yellow Wedges: Bakers
Floral Scarf: Old Navy
Loomstate Dress: Target
Sunglasses: Alloy
Portable DVD Projector (think of all the wonderful summer nights spent watching movies outside!): Target
Flower Espadrilles: Anthropologie
White Cropped Skinny Jean: Gap
City Of Angels Ring: Modcloth
Kitchen Aid Standup Mixer: Everything Kitchen


  1. ohhhh....I want a kitchenaid mixer soooo bad.

  2. mixers are the best! cute stuff..i hope the birthday bunny is good to you..haha! too bad you didn't post this a couple weeks back..your chances of getting a couple of these items would have been a lot higher..but sorry to say..your present is already complete.

  3. That loomstate dress (or whatever it is called)... looks delightfully comfortable. I think I would like one in every color for the special occasion when I change into something other than different pajamas after I get out of the shower each morning. haha ;)

  4. Jessica: I know, but I really didn't even think about it until today. But I'm sure whatever you got me is cuter than anything on my list, so I trust your judgement :)

    Melissa: The Loomstate dress DOES look delightfully comfy. It's made from organic cotton, too! Who woulda thunk! I might have to buy myself a birthday present!


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