Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Pinhole Day!

At the beginning of the month I remember reading that April 26th was National Pinhole Day, so upon hearing this I decided to go investigate pinhole cameras and pictures on flickr. Needless to say, I was hooked! My holga has already made me fall in love with film photography and pinholes have just reassured my love of film, and the simplest form of photography.
Earlier this month I had won 2nd place in a contest at work, and got a $25 gift card of my choice (how cool, right? I thought so) so of course I picked an eBay gift card and quickly purchased this pinhole camera kit. and by kit, I mean literally A KIT. I had to tape and glue it all together. (the kit was not $25, it was only $10 and worth every penny!)

It was actually a really fun experience though, and being able to get film developed from a camera that came from my own sweat and blood (or not) makes the pictures that much better. I can't actually say whether or not the camera works, because my first roll of film is still loaded in it, and not anywhere near being finish. but I feel that might change after the pinhole celebration today! but in the meantime, I'd recommend you checking out Pinhole Groups on Flickr and seeing the amazing pictures these simple cameras can capture.

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