Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sticky Buns!

The other morning I decided that I would try out the sticky bun recipe I saw on Barefoot Contessa. It always makes me happy when I'm sitting on the couch, with nothing to do, flipping through the tv channels and find that Barefoot Contessa is on the Food Network, she makes me want to move to the Hamptons and host lunch dates and dinner parties everyday. Anyway, the recipe is literally called "Easy Sticky Buns" and they live up to the name, as you will see:

First you mix together some butter and brown sugar (the recipe says to mix this in an electric mixer fitted with a paddle, but I don't have all those fancy gadgets so I just used a regular electric mixer.) Spoon the mixture in a 12 muffin cup pan and add pecans.

Next, get two pastry puff sheets (defrosted-- Which, heads up, takes 40 minutes to defrost. I did not know that [said in Johnny Carson voice]) Brush melted butter on the sheet, and spread brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins in the center (note: I would say raisins are optional because I didn't have them so I didn't use them. Personal preference) Then roll the sheet tightly.

End with the seam down and cut off side edges. Cut six 1 1/2" pieces from roll.

next, transfer those to the muffin pan and place on top of the sugar mixture (make sure to push it down and get it all up in the sugars business :D) Bake for 30 minutes. When done, turn the pan over, or carefully scoop out each bun with a spoon and make sure to spoon extra mixture on top.

and Voila! wonderfully delicious sticky buns! This was my first time doing this recipe and I discovered the pastry sheets puff up to a monsterous size, so make sure they're tightly rolled and pushed down. The best part is that the pastry sheets get really flaky like the outside of turnovers, and soft in the middle. It's a beautiful marriage of flaky and softness. You can find the full recipe here. So go ahead and try 'em, let me know how they turn out!
Bon Appetite!

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