Friday, October 6, 2017

Balance and Grace, an essential oil journey


I've mentioned here before in an earlier post about incorporating essential oils into my daily life and how I use them. I've decided to go a little more in depth and start an Instagram page talking more about them-- their different uses, how I personally use them, different diffuser and rollerball blends. I'll still try to throw posts up on here about them, because like I said, talking about them helps me to expand my own knowledge about them. I'd like to also say that I don't want the new Instagram page to be solely about oils either. I want it to be about overall wellness and a balanced life in general. Perhaps different books, stress management, anxiety tips, things like that. Even though oils may make up the majority of the content, I want to touch on other things as well. So if you're interested in learning more about oils, or already use them and want to just follow along or even help me on my own journey, I'd love for you to pop on over and follow me! 

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